Private parking

Book your private parking garage by mail (on request).

A private parking garage costs €20/night. You can use the car park from check-in (14h) to check-out (11h).

Please note: the hotel has 5 private garages.

We kindly ask you to inform us about the type of car you will use to come to Bruges, as the garages all differ in size.

Parking on the street

Above-ground parking in the city centre is charged, min. 30 minutes and max. 4 hours between 9 am and 8 pm.
So there is no blue zone anymore in the city centre.
You can pay by text message, by app 4411, by bank card or just cash.
From now on, users must always enter their correct number plate.


  • 0,10 euro: one-off 30 consecutive minutes (short parking)
  • 2,00 euro: first hour
  • 3,00 euro: second hour (per tranche of 0,10 euro)
  • 4,00 euro: third hour (per tranche of 0,10 euro)
  • 5,00 euro: fourth hour (max. 4 hours) (per disc of 0,10 euro)